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The beautiful thing about FHA mortgage loans is that they help people become homeowners if they only have a small down payment, and in some cases, even if they don’t have stellar credit!  

The trade-off is that FHA borrowers have to pay mortgage insurance. Mortgage insurance is a monthly premium...


Are you struggling to pay your monthly mortgage payments?  A simple mortgage refinance can help. Or maybe you’re looking for ways to minimize your long-term interest expense. Fortunately, a mortgage refinance can help with that too!  


While refinancing a mortgage can save money, most people may not have considered how it'll affect their credit and the impact it may have on their lives.


You’ve decided you’re ready to buy a home. You drive through your dream neighborhoods, watch insane amounts of HGTV, and stop by the occasional open house. Sound like you?

Daydreaming about your new home is a lot of fun. But there’s a process to follow in order to make home buying as smooth and...



Going through a divorce is never easy and often times, having to divide up assets makes things even more complicated or contentious. For many, the marital residence is the primary asset that the divorcing couple has to negotiate. 

While there are different ways to resolve the situation, one of...