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Housing Loans & Financing Programs

US Mortgages is dedicated to helping borrowers with a diverse range of financial situations. If you have "less than perfect" credit, high loan-to-value (LTV) ratio or high income to debt ratios, US Mortgages can provide the home buying loan you need! We aim to help borrowers reach their personal and financial goals. Through credit and financial counseling tailored to specialty loan programs, US Mortgages will enhance your financial position or we will not do the housing loan.

Learn more about the loan programs we offer and how they work

Both our conventional and government backed housing loans in Colorado come in similar packages: 15 Year Loans 20 Year Loans, 25 Year Loans and 30 Year Loans. US Mortgages offers Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate Mortgages for these term lengths. We also offer Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) refinancing to borrowers who qualify for home financing.

For homeowners whose home's value has fallen since it's purchase, qualifying for traditional refinancing can be a difficult process. The HARP home loan program was designed to make refinancing easier with LTV greater than 80 percent. HARP loans require no mortgage insurance, which can add up to thousands of dollars to the final cost of your mortgage.

What mortgage loan programs do we offer to people who are self-employed?

People who are self-employed frequently find themselves struggling to find home financing because of strict documentation requirements from their lender. Not with US Mortgages! To help you and your family pursue your dream of owning a home, we offer Stated Income Loans Programs and a Bank Statement Program.

Perfect for those with cash on hand, but who may have difficulty proving their annual income, Stated Income Loans offer self-employed entrepreneurs the chance to make a larger down payment rather than verify their income.

Other Home Buying Loan Programs We Offer

US Mortgages offers housing loans in the form of Down Payment Assistance, or DPA. Many of the government backed home loan programs we offer, for example, offer down payment assistance. Another home loan program we have is a Home Equity Line of Credit, wherein you can borrow against the equity you already have in your home. Our Equity Lines and Refinancing programs often offer Lump Sum Paid Distribution with minimal penalties as well.