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It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you think about saving for a down payment and paying closing costs on a loan. It holds many people back from buying a home, but here are 5 ways to reduce closing costs and they are easier than most people think.


Reverse mortgages... some people think they mean the end of all mortgage payments, others may think that they’re a scam. Some question if it’s even technically a refinance, while others may look at it as a life-saving and “financial freedom” loan.



Denver is a great place to live. Colorado is a great place to live. There’s so much to do and a great deal of opportunities. Not only that, but we have the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop on the horizon and over 300 days of sunshine per year. Additionally, Colorado has some of the best world-class...


Should I offer the asking price?

Should I offer 50,000 low and hope to meet in the middle?

Should I offer 5000 below?

Should I offer over asking price?

Do I really need to include an inspection?


Buying a home is overwhelming... especially when you haven't done it before. Below we dive into current housing market trends and break down the home buying process into 10 simple steps. Remember, a good mortgage lending company, like US, is there to help every step of the way! 


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