Can Anyone Qualify for Bad Credit Home Loans in Denver?

by US Mortgages / December 23, 2022

We know your struggle. You’ve applied for mortgage loans in several places and got rejected for bad credit. At this point, you are ready to give up. You will have to keep renting and never be a homeowner.

All we say is: don’t give up! There is hope for you – as is for millions of other Americans with bad credit. Here is what you need to know:

  1. You Can Access Government Backed Loans

The US government, through the Federal Housing Administration, backs mortgage loans for certain individuals. A FHA loan Denver specialist will examine your situation and determine what type of government backed loan you qualify for.

FHA loan Denver

  1. The Amount of Available Down Payment Makes the Difference

There are loan institutions that do not look beyond the credit score. But there are also Colorado mortgages institutions that look in detail at the person’s financial situation. If you managed to save up a considerable amount for down payment, this will be a strong point in your favor.

  1. Your Income Level Matters a Lot

Our Denver mortgage company will also examine your income statements. If you make sufficient money to be able to make your monthly payments, this will weigh more in balance than a less than perfect credit score.

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