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You may be thinking, “Why would anyone even spend time writing an article about a topic that is seemingly so simple?”


Time and time again, we hear about people that have given up all hope on becoming a homeowner due to filing bankruptcy. While a bankruptcy filing (and/or discharge) can be a major blow to your financial reputation and credit score, it is not an automatic denial when looking to buy a new home.



Whether you’ve completed your service for the U.S. military or are currently still doing so, there are several key tips that can help you save money. These tips apply if you’re preparing to buy a home or even if you’re looking to refinance a home you already own with a local mortgage company.


We have all heard that now is a good time to refinance a home. Is this truly a fact or is it like a mattress that’s on sale every single day? The reality is every person’s scenario is unique. While it may be highly beneficial for someone to refinance, it may be counter-intuitive for another. So if...


Buying a home may be one of the most overwhelming (but rewarding) milestones in your life. Add in challenges such as tight timelines or having less-than-perfect credit and those feelings may paralyze you from pursuing your dream home. 


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