Mortgage and Home Loan Resources

US Mortgages offers many different mortgage loan resources to help guide applicants and borrowers on their journey to a new loan. We are dedicated to making sure that our borrowers are as informed and prepared as possible, through every step of the process, so they know they are getting the best possible loan. These resources are another way of proving our commitment to improving your finances. Read our resources FAQ below to learn more about the free resources we offer on our website.

Is there an online portal for checking on the progress of my loan?

Yes! My Loan Status functions as an online portal specifically used for checking on the progress of loans 24/7. This portal makes it easier than ever to stay updated on the progress of your loan, at any hour of the day. You'll need to log in with the email and password used when your Mortgage Loan Officer set up your account. With My Loan Status, staying on top of your finances has never been easier!

Can I get started on my loan application online?

Absolutely! Through the My Loan Status portal you can start both our short application and our long application, the choice is yours. Once those applications are complete, we'll be in touch ASAP to keep the ball rolling.

What information about down payments does US Mortgages offer?

We offer Down Payment Pros and Cons as well as a comprehensive explanation of the kinds of Down Payment Assistance we offer.

What educational resources does US Mortgages offer for free online?

One of our most popular educational resources is our comprehensive list of Pre-Loan Considerations we advise applicants to look through. There's also a Loan Calculator to give you a good idea of what a standard loan (within certain parameters) can look like. US Mortgages has compiled several highly informative videos, which are all available on our website. Be sure to check out Trending Mortgage Topics to be aware of current interest rates, economic predictors of when to buy and sell and other important current events in mortgages and loans. We also invite you to get familiar with an important predictor of much of your family's financial future: credit. Look for our Learn About Credit link under the Resources menu.