Support Our Veterans

We offer so much more than just Veterans Administration loans to the vets risking their lives in service to our country. At US Mortgages, we offer full support for every base in Colorado Springs in addition to the work we do with vets. Another way we support vets is through sponsorship of efforts to improve the lives of veterans. Learn more about these programs offered at US Mortgages today.

What are veterans administration loans from US Mortgages?

As an active duty servicemember or a retired servicemember it's likely that you may qualify for a veteran's administration or VA loan. These loans are available at a particularly low rate, with no down payment required, to veterans with a variety of credit background. We also offer home refinancing at this low rate. US Mortgages is a VA Approved Lender who understands the importance of investment in a home for a Veteran and their family.

How do people prequalify for veteran's administration loans?

First, veterans seeking a home loan should begin the prequalification process. This part of getting a home loan as an active or retired service member is very similar to a traditional mortgage loan. This starts with providing us your contact information so that we may able to learn more about you and what you want. Once we've learned a little more about you and your family, we'll be able to help you find out if a VA Loan is the right fit for you at this time. Prequalification will also help determine the amount of home you can afford.

What is the preapplication process like?

US Mortgages will provide you the paperwork you need in order to proceed with your VA Loan at this preapplication part of the process. To help make the process go as smoothly as possible, we'll have walked you through the paperwork and will be available to answer any questions you may have. We'll also need a few documents from you. Pay stubs, tax returns, W2s, employment history, bank statements and Evidence of Real Estate Assets are the most important kinds of things we'll need provided.

What other ways do we help increase quality of life for vets?

One of the many ways we've increased the quality of life for vets, especially upon returning home, is our sponsorship of different veterans causes. One of our favorites is our sponsorship of the US Air Force football team.

If you're a veteran in Denver, looking for the best possible deal on a home for your family, reach out and let us help you find out how much home is within your budget and the amount you'll need for your down payment. We also offer Down Payment Protection! US Mortgages is Colorado's own lender, contact us today!