Down Payment Protection

In the extremely competitive and expensive Denver housing market, down payment protection (DPP) can make all the difference. Learn more about how DPP's personalization focuses on the needs of the homebuyer, who qualifies and how US Mortgages is the only mortgage lender providing this service to its clients.

Denver homeowners are learning that mortgage protection is possible

DPP is the most significant protection for homeowners developed in decades. Every DPP amount is tailored to the needs of the homeowner. The idea is that in the unfortunate event if you have to sell after two years, you will be protected from having to sell your home at a loss. Another term for this is mortgage protection. US Mortgages is the sole lender providing this service to people in the Denver area.

What is DPP?

DPP is, in short, insurance on the down payment of a home by a homeowner. Lenders are already protected via homeowner's insurance but there aren't protections for homeowners in the unfortunate event that they may need to sell quickly in the near future, accepting a lower payment than deserved and potentially forfeiting their down payment. Therefore, especially in the volatile Denver market, protection is important, especially for people in lower income brackets with fewer cash reserves.

Why is US Mortgages the sole provider of mortgage protection programs in Denver?

Mortgage protection makes homebuying dreams come true, especially in the Denver market. This is because we offer homeownership to a range of many people in a wider range of credit scores. Mortgage protection programs are of particularly high benefit to people in a wider range of credit scores for the simple fact that they are focused on the needs of the Denver homeowner.

Are you looking for protection for a down payment on your Denver home?

If you're looking for protection on a down payment on your Denver home, look no further than US Mortgages. It is the first time that this has been offered in the Denver area and is another example of our commitment to our borrowers. People looking to buy a home in Colorado can take comfort in the program, allowing borrowers to have the homes they deserve on flexibly insured terms. In most traditional mortgages, every investor in the home transaction is protected except for the homebuyer. With US Mortgages, you're looped in to the equation with down payment projection. With US Mortgages, you can keep what is yours, no matter what happens.