What are 5 benefits of refinancing your home before 2022?

by US Mortgages / November 3, 2021

No surprise, mortgage rates are rising. It may be in your best financial interest to refinance before 2022 (even if you did in the last year) because rates are projected to jump. Refinancing before 2022 has many different benefits including the ability to take advantage of lower interest rates, get out of high rate debt, protect your equity if the market corrects, and remove closing costs.

1) Time to Snag Massive Savings is Slipping Away

Mortgage rates are projected to rise when inflation starts to tick up, which it is now. Experts predict that by next year rates will be at (or over) 4%.

The mortgage rates of 2020/21 were at a 50-year low, dropping as low as 1.8% for some terms but by 2022 they are expected to be at (or over) 4%. This is because the fed, bond markets, and US economy were in full recovery mode for almost 2 years. To put this into perspective, a 0.5% increase on a roughly $400K home is around $50,000 over 30yrs. So can you imagine what missing out on 1-2% points would do? Increasing inflation will have a direct impact on rates rising. If you don't refinance this year you may never get such an opportunity again because rates will most likely never be this low again in our lifetime.

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2) No Lender Fees Helps Maximize Savings

In an effort to have the most attractive offer, lenders have been known to include "hidden" fees that they don't clearly communicate or outline.

Some lenders are known for pretending to have the lowest rates ever seen, but then sneak in thousands of dollars in hidden fees. This can be a huge and unexpected cost and it may not be obvious that many refinancing packages include those costs at the low-interest rate you see presented.

At US Mortgages, we do not believe in this, that's why many of our refinancing programs offer $0 fees (origination, processing, doc prep, and underwriting) to help pass these savings onto you. This helps make it a no-brainer to refinance now, even if you did in 2020.

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3) Skip Next 2 Mortgage Payments For The Holidays

Let's face it, we all want to save money at times and what better time than NOW — right before the holidays. When you refinance with US Mortgages today, we will give you a break from payments for the next 2-months!

One benefit of skipping two mortgage payments is an immediate increase in your cash flow. It's easier to save 2 months of mortgage payments than it is to work for 2 extra months to earn that money. The perfect gift for your family this holiday season.


4) Lifetime Customer Savings For You and Your Family

We provide lifetime discounts to our repeat clients who work with US Mortgages.

This includes:

  • $0 fees (origination, processing, doc prep, and underwriting)

  • No appraisal options or appraisal refunds

  • Up to 100% cash-out for debt consolidation

  • Custom loan terms — (EX) Refi at 29yr term instead of resetting 30yr loan 

These benefits don't end with you. We're dedicated to assisting you and your family as a way of showing our gratitude for your business. You and your family will receive all of these benefits FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE once you do a single loan with us.


5) We Will Beat Any WRITTEN Offer

Our price-match promise is a way for our clients to be certain that they aren't wasting money on their mortgage. It's the peace of mind and assurance that comes from knowing you're getting the best deal on your house. If it's all about the rate, we'll happily compare any written refinancing offer you've received in Colorado against our banks. Many lenders bundle hidden lender fees into their loans so we can review those too. Like we mentioned above, many of our refinancing programs include no lender fees so there are often times ways we can help maximize your savings.

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