US Mortgages VOA Family Motel Images (ribbon cutting)

Written by US Mortgages on October 2, 2017

Built by the Volunteers of America, the VoA Family Motel is a 40-room facility that works with the Denver Department of Human Services to provide shelter for families in temporary need for up to 12-day periods. There are an additional 10 rooms that may – with a doctor's recommendation – be used by homeless individuals recovering from medical treatment. Through a non-profit networking service known as EcoMedia, we were able to partner with them to renovate their facilities in August of 2017.

We here at US Mortgages are incredibly thankful to the love and support the community has shown us over our past 20 years of business. That's why we love giving back to fantastic organizations like the Volunteers of America Colorado Branch. In 2016, the Family Motel provided shelter, comfort and security to 5,067 people. Thank you to the Volunteers of America for doing what you do, and thank you to EcoMedia for connecting us and making this all possible. For information on how you can volunteer at the Family Motel, click here.