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Denver, CO VA Loan Mortgage Rates & Requirements

One small way the Federal government gives back to the servicemen and women of our country is through offering a government backed mortgage loan with attractive associated rates.

At US Mortgage, we are proud to provide our veterans with access to VA home loans - at low to no down payment, lower interest rates, and with access to simple refinancing through. You have served your country, now let us serve you. You've earned the right to own the home of your dreams, with a monthly payment that you can afford.

Learn more about VA home loans, who qualifies and how to start on your path towards a VA Loan.

VA Mortgage Requirements

Credit requirements and costly down payments can make the idea of purchasing a home seem out of reach for many veterans and active duty military personnel. Veterans Affairs Loans, or VA Loans were established to ease this financial burden on the men and women who have already sacrificed so much for our country. Available with little to no down payments, and at greatly lowered interest rates, VA home loans allow servicemen, servicewomen and their surviving spouses to own a home.

Veterans who qualify for a VA Cash-Out refinancing loan will have the opportunity to receive cash from the value of their home, while also restructuring their current mortgage into a lower rate, or for a shorter term. It is not required that your original loan be a VA loan to refinance through VA Cash-Out refinancing!

At some of the lowest rates, VA Loan funds can be used for purchasing a home or cash-out refinancing a home.

What are the requirements for VA Loans?

There are several specific qualifications to be met before being eligible for a VA home loan rates. The length of your service, duty status and character of service all determine eligibility for home loan benefits around. Learn more about VA Loan mortgage on the VA Benefits website.

What are the next steps to getting a VA Loan from US Mortgages?

We recommend getting the necessary paperwork from the VA before discussing rates and options with our office in Colorado. Find out more about how to get your Certificate of Eligibility and what other paperwork you may need to provide by reviewing the US Department of Veterans Affairs website on the subject.

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