While about 20-25% of our loan closings were denials at the borrowers current lender and or other lenders they applied, the fact is we simply cannot provide loans to everyone who requests, due to income or credit issues. For borrowers whose loan cannot be structured to fit into our relaxed guidelines, we still want to provide resources of help and hope.

Here are some links that will give you information on steps you can take to either save your home from foreclosure or possibly improve the loan you currently have.

**If Credit is the issue keeping you from obtaining a mortgage, we can assist you with that too, and give you control over managing and improving your credit FOR FREE! The fillable fields below will allow you to access your credit at the bureau levels and see how making changes can add or remove points to your credit score. Best of all, as mentioned, we provide this service to our borrowers for FREE.

iQualifier Credit Management Tool