Gov’t Programs

Diverse loan programs for every need.

No need to look any further. We have it!

US Mortgages offers a wide variety of loan programs to fit a diversity of financial situations. Whether you are purchasing your first home or refinancing the one you already have, let us customize a loan program for you. Our full range of programs are designed to help you hear a YES even when others have said NO! Have a loan that you owe more on than its current appraised value? We offer HARP 2.0 for both owner occupied and investment properties with reduced documentation for most borrowers: high and low income, self-employed and W-2 employees, excellent and “less than perfect” credit – Streamlines – we have a program for you!

In today’s turbulent market its nice to have the financial strength of the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) and their guarantee behind many of the loans we make.

With the passage of recent legislation, now more than ever in the history of the (FHA) have they been asked to be proactive in the guidelines and process to help bring much needed financial relief to the many tens of thousands of homeowners facing extreme financial difficulty today and also to help bring balance and stability to our ailing housing market. Been told that cedit below a 640 or maybe even 620 means NO? Not here at US Mortgages, we offer Govt Insured FHA loans for borrowers down to a 580 score!

Some of the benefits of using the (FHA) product line we have available is relaxed / enhanced underwriting guidelines, that allow for borrowers with less than perfect credit to receive loan approval plus low fixed rates. In addition to the relief these loans provide, they do it without the high back loaded cost of prepayment penalty’s (PPP) that many homeowners are dealing with today, some of which are costing these homeowners upwards of $10,000 just to get out from under a loan they most likely should not have ever been in, in the first place.