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Buy a Manufactured Home - Loan, Mortgage & Financing Options

What do you know about manufactured home purchases? Chances are not much. Don't equate these to the mobile homes more traditionally associated with "manufactured housing". The process of building manufactured housing has evolved in many ways over the years, to allow endless customization at discounted prices, with all the value and quality of a home built on site!

There are many distinct advantages when you purchase a manufactured home, the biggest of all being cost. US Mortgages can make that cost even more manageable with a loan for your manufactured home. If you buy a manufactured home, consider that it attractively features a lower price point with the same high-quality materials, but high-quality homes permit much greater opportunities for home ownership to many more people. Learn more about manufactured homes and home mortgages below.

Buy a Manufactured home

Manufactured homes are easily ignored as a viable housing option by anyone defining them by manufactured homes of the past. This style of home was initially designed to be relocated easily for those whose work required mobility. Now the term manufactured housing has come to refer to homes that were manufactured in a factory. Since 1976, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development has enforced strict codes to ensure these homes are built to the highest standards.

Offering the opportunity for homebuyers to own their own home, at a fraction of the cost. Efficiently built, these homes can cost up to 30% less than a similar home built on site. Often modern manufactured homes look identical to site built homes and retain their value much more readily than manufactured homes of the past. Contact US Mortgages for manufactured home financing!

Manufactured Home Financing

The focus of what we do at US Mortgages is helping our borrowers improve their financial situations. If you are looking for information about a manufactured home loan, US Mortgages can help you when financing the manufactured home of your dreams. With a manufactured home mortgage , we can help reach your financial goals. Part of our promise to you as a lender is that we will do everything in our power to ensure that your loan improves your financial standing. Contact us at our Denver office to learn more about the loans we offer for manufactured home ownership.