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Buy an Attached Single Family Home 

Are you looking to purchase an attached single-family home? Maybe this is your first home, or perhaps you're a seasoned home buyer looking to flip this alongside your other properties. Whatever the case, there are several loan products we offer that fit the needs of an attached single-family home buyer. Learn more about them below.

What is an attached single-family home?

An attached single-family home is defined by having at least one common wall with another home. It's possible for a home to be considered "attached" even if there's only a few feet connecting the two properties. Though the two homes may visually appear to be the same property, they can each be bought and sold independently of one another. What are examples of attached single family homes? Some examples of attached single family homes include brownstones, townhomes, row houses, duplexes, triplex homes and quadruplex homes.

In certain cases, attached single-family homes can have a Homeowners Association that manages property maintenance of communal areas, as well as setting covenant rules and regulations.

Attached homes provide an alluring option to those looking to own their own property, while seeking to keep their share of exterior maintenance to a minimum. These homes trade the privacy of a detached home for the convenience of a low-maintenance homeownership. Many properties such as row homes or townhomes require that the tenant maintain the interior of the house only, while the HOA or neighborhood manager will ensure that the exterior of each unit is kept to the standard of the community.

What kind of loans can help hopeful homebuyers get an attached single-family home?

Virtually any kind of loan offered by US Mortgages is available to hopeful home buyers seeking an attached single-family home. We offer many loans, from traditional fixed-rate mortgages, to government backed USDA and VA loans. Struggling to save for a down payment? Contact US Mortgages and see how you can qualify for a loan with a down payment as little as $0!

How do you know whether a conventional or a government backed loan is right for you and your family? Send us an email, or give us a call to talk to one of our Mortgage Loan Officers or Personal Loan Consultants and learn which option is best for you and your family's financial future.