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Jumbo Loan Mortgage Rates & Requirements

As one of the country's most attractive destinations for transplants, Colorado's population is growing, and the cost of real estate is growing with it. Families looking for larger homes often find that a conventional loan will not cover the total value of the property. If you have your eyes on a high-valued property, you may qualify for a jumbo home loan.

The Best Jumbo Loan Rates

How do you know if you need a jumbo mortgage loan rather than another kind of loan offered iby US Mortgages? How are jumbo loan rates defined and what is it for? What are the requirements for a jumbo loan? How can you get started on applying for your own jumbo home loan? Find the answer to these questions below.

Jumbo Loan Requirements and Rates

Jumbo mortgages, as the name implies, are larger sized home loans. In high cost areas of the US, this limit is $453,100. People who qualify for jumbo home loans have strong credit scores. Jumbo loans do not require private mortgage insurance, which in the case of high-valued property, can add thousands of dollars to the total cost of purchasing your home. As an alternative, borrowers of jumbo loans often make large down payments, totaling 20% of the home's value or more.

The monthly mortgage to qualify must be no more than 38% of the income of the borrower before taxes as well. In addition to what's listed, there are other conditions which must be met for jumbo home loan rates to be offered.

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