Lump Sum Distribution in Denver, CO

Lump Sum Distribution

For homeowners who need cash on hand, US Mortgages offers lump sum distribution for several types of home equity loans. Learn several different ways to get fast cash, in your wallet, when you need it. There are three types of home equity loans. Find out more below!


A HELOC loan is designed similarly to a credit card. The homeowner is given access to a set amount of money, but is not required to pay interest on it until the money is taken out and spent. Once the homeowner is qualified, they can pull from their own funds whenever needed, and make payments back when possible.

Home Equity Loan

For large, one-time purchases, a home equity loan is the perfect way to retain your current mortgage and receive a lump sum payout. Home equity loans have a fixed interest rate, higher than HELOC loans, but are also typically tax deductible on loans up to $100,000. Home equity loans are repaid in fixed monthly payments, on both the interest and the principal.

Cash Out Refinancing

Cash Out Refinancing allows homeowners to refinance their mortgages and come out with a lump sum on hand. Instead of taking out an additional loan on their home, homeowners refinance their current mortgage so that their new mortgage is larger than the previous. The difference between the new and old loans is paid out to the homeowner in cash. Cash out refinancing is typically tax deductible and in addition to providing a lump payment, can be used to lower interest rates on the current mortgage.

Which home equity loan offers lump sum distribution?

Equity loans and cash out refinancing offer lump sum distribution to homeowners. Equity loans are a new loan on a home, on top of the original mortgage, whereas cash out refinancing is a restructuring of your current mortgage.

HELOC Equity loans are not designed to offer lump sum distribution.

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