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Bu a Detached Single Family Home 

When considering a traditional home for your family, there are many choices you need to make. One good place to start is deciding whether you want an attached single family home or a detached single-family home. Learn more about the detached single-family home below.

What is a detached single-family home?

A detached single family home is a residential building that is free standing. Detached single family homes do not share any walls with any other structures, which is contrasting to attached single family homes.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a detached single-family home?

If you are considering a detached single-family home, you're probably aware of the obvious advantages: the most notable being that there's more privacy than an attached single-family home as no walls are shared. Detached homes have no expectation of shared communal spaces. They generally have an outdoor yard, which is the sole responsibility of the homeowner to maintain. If a detached single-family home is purchased with some land, or even a small yard, this allows for the home to be added on without consideration for neighboring structures. Some may view the disadvantage to a detached single-family home is that there's more land to maintain, such as a front yard or back yard, or any garden beds that may be associated. While some communities and neighborhoods may have a Homeowners Association that established rules and regulations for the community, it is the homeowner's responsibility to maintain their property to the established standard.

Detached single-family homes are ideal for new families, and for those homebuyers wanting a private, isolated space of their own. Contact US Mortgages to learn more about the loans we offer to make a detached single-family home a reality for you and your family.