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Home Mortgage Loan & Financing Options to Buy a Modular Home

Think the dream of owning a custom-built home is out of reach? Advances in modular home construction has made the dream a reality for many US Mortgages borrowers. Us Mortgages can help you get a mortgage for your manufactured home. A home built off-site and transported to your property can be purchased for up to 30% less than the cost of a similar house built on-site. Modular homes offer you the chance to choose between hundreds of potential floorplans, have your home built in a controlled, heavily supervised factory environment, and have the building shipped to your location, all at a fraction of the cost of an on-site home.

Did you know that modular homes purchased are frequently built to a higher standard than site built homes? It's true and happens for a straightforward reason. Many aspects of the construction of the home takes place in a standardized factory and is built in a highly quality controlled assembly line. The multiple tiers of oversight, streamlined project management and strategy inherent in this process are the reason for the high quality. Reach out to US Mortgages for assistance purchasing your modular home.

Purchase a Modular Home

New construction modular homes boast many advantages including up to a 50% faster construction time. Many facets can also be customized, just like a custom site built home. The construction of modular homes is also significantly more ecologically friendly as there's less waste with the streamlined process of construction. Plus, the air tight walls are built strong to withstand travel and are extremely energy efficient as a result! You will be well protected from all seasons we see.

Some lenders may hesitate to offer a loan for a modular home. Not at US Mortgages! We understand the advantages of this new form of housing and how it can improve our borrowers' financial future and the quality of life their families experience. We encourage you to contact US Mortgages to learn more about modular home financing when purchasing a modular home. We recommend speaking with us to have an understanding with valuable modular home mortgage. to anyone interested in buying a modular home. Let us know how to get in touch with you by reaching out online or give us a call directly to learn how we can help you make your modular home purchase.