Reverse Mortgage Rates & Solutions in Denver, CO

Reverse Mortgage Rates & Solutions in Denver, CO

Structured for seniors age 62 and up, a reverse mortgage on your Denver property allows you to receive payments from a lender on the equity of your home. Those seeking funds for the expenses that can incur with age can take advantage of Denver's reverse mortgage rates and use the value of your property now, only to be paid back after you sell or leave the home, or the homeowner passes away.

Reverse mortgages in Denver are an incredible tool for supplementing income. There are very specific qualifications for people who qualify for the reverse mortgages solutions offered to Denver by US Mortgages. Learn more about the eligibility requirements for reverse mortgages and the kinds of reverse mortgages we have available.

We are Denver's Reverse Mortgage Brokers

Our reverse mortgage solutions can provide older Denver residents with much needed financial security. Your regular mortgage payments can be eliminated, while you receive payments from the lender on the equity of your home. You can continue living in your home while collecting payments, and are not required to repay the mortgage until you leave the home.

With a reverse mortgage, you do not risk losing your home. So long as property taxes and homeowner's insurance continues to be paid, your home cannot be taken from you.

Reverse mortgages allow homeowners to convert the equity they've put into their home into supplemental income. In Denver, reverse mortgage lenders pay homeowners one of two ways during the term of a reverse mortgage rate: a lump sum or monthly payments. Frequently reverse mortgages are used to supplement income of aging adults who have a fixed income for a variety of reasons.

Reverse Mortgage Lenders Denver Counts On

Borrowers must be aged 62 or older. Homeowners insurance and property taxes must be paid up to date to qualify. Borrowers must also live in the home to qualify for a reverse mortgage. Are you interested in taking the next step towards a reverse mortgage by speaking with brokers in the Denver area? Feel free to give us your contact information on our website and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. We also welcome you to give us a call at our Denver office to learn more about reverse mortgages, their rates, and if they're right for you and your family.

Pre-Qualify In Minutes

With just some basic information, you are on your way to your new Home. In most cases, our agents will call you in a few minutes to get things started. In some rare events it could be up to 24 hours. We always try to call between 8am and 8pm MST, Monday - Friday. If you would prefer we did call outside those ours, please just add in a note and we will be happy to oblige.

Why should I get pre approved for my home loan or refinancing?

Home loan pre approval in Denver simplifies the loan process. Preapproval allows a lender to see a full 360 degree view of the borrower's financial situation, enabling us to advise borrowers on all home loan considerations. This helps us identify which loan we offer is the best fit for the borrower. Prequalification allows borrowers to pursue the loan that's best for them and their financial situation.

How can I get ready for home loan prequalification in Denver?

Excellent question! A great place to start is by understanding what lenders look at. For the most part, lenders look at 4 things. The first is your FICO credit score which includes your payment history, credit utilization and the length of your credit history. The second is your income with respect to your monthly housing costs. The third is the number of current loans you have and their status. The fourth and final thing lenders consider is the percentage of the cost of the home you're looking to purchase that you can put as a down payment. Get ready for prequalification by understanding your status in these areas and identifying what you can do to improve them before buying a home.

About US Mortgages

US Mortgages has been securing mortgage pre approval in Denver for over 20 years. Let us know how to reach out to you, or give us a call today.

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Pre-qualification means one of our mortgage specialists will contact you. This does not represent an offer to enter into a loan agreement. Loans subject to credit and property approval. Normal credit qualifications and other terms and conditions apply. Not all loan products or terms are available in all states.