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Written by US Mortgages on October 2, 2017

At the end of August 2017, EcoMedia announced US Mortgages support for the Volunteers of America Colorado's Family Motel. We are honored to be able to help provide emergency temporary housing to people suffering one of the most devastating losses a person can suffer—the loss of their home. As Colorado's own mortgage lender, this issue is one we have a great interest in preventing. So, what did the VoA Hotel in Denver do with our donation? With our support, VoA was able to unveil new renovations that make shelter in the family motel even more like home for the length of any resident stay. EcoMedia is a tremendous company that serves to do a lot of good in many different industries. Learn more about the current initiatives they're supporting on their website as well as their announcement about their work with US Mortgages on their Facebook.