NOTICE: Re Fraudulent Phone Activity

It has just come to our attention that a company or individual is trying to pose as US Mortgages and is making outbound calls and harassing individuals and then hanging up when being asked where they are calling from. On some counts we have been informed the offending party has a strong Indian accent. We are working with Department of Regulatory Authorities in Colorado to try and source this fraudulent activity and put an end to it once and for all. In the interim if you feel you have been targeted by caller(s) claiming to be from US Mortgages remember this... We have NEVER made outbound unsolicited and unwanted calls in an attempt to gain business. All of our contact with consumers is originated from broadcast media outlets and starts with a consumer contacting us and expressing interest for additional information. If you get any calls from someone or some company claiming they are from US Mortgages (IT IS NOT) please get us a name and number and we will add this to the list for our attorney and DORA to investigate further.

Proud Hometown Partner of Air Force Falcon Football

We are privileged to be able to serve our armed forces in many ways. We proudly sponsor the US Air Force Academy's football team since 1955, the Falcons!

Started in 1955, the US Air Force football program has proved itself one of the most successful sports teams out of all the United States' military academies. In their 1985 season, the Falcons won twelve games in their regular season, and were victorious over the Texas in the Blue Bonnet bowl under the leadership of coach Fisher DeBarry. They finished 1985 ranked 5th in the nation, with a 12-1 record. More recently, current coach Troy Calhoun led the Falcons to a victory in the 2016 Arizona bowl against South Alabama.

There's nothing like a Falcons game to spend a day with friends or family, tailgating, enjoying the game, and then checking out some of the fantastic nightlife Colorado Springs has to offer. We are privileged to be able to give our support to such a fantastic program.

Proud Hometown Sponsor of the Denver Nuggets

We proudly sponsor the Denver Nuggets! The Nuggets became Denver's hometown basketball team in 1974 after owners Frank Goldberg and Bud Fischer moved the team from the ABA to the NBA. The name of the team at the time was the Rockets, but Houston, another NBA team, had already taken the name. They held a contest to choose the new name, and the Nuggets were born – named for the original Denver team that lived from 1948-50. The Nuggets have had a long history in Denver of both success and struggle, with 7 division titles in the NBA since 1977 – as well as 3 titles from their early days in the ABA. The Nuggets have produced legends such as Carmelo Anthony, Allen Iverson, and Dikembe Mutombo. We are proud to support this local Colorado team as they represent our great state in Denver's Pepsi Center.

EcoMedia Facebook

At the end of August 2017, EcoMedia announced US Mortgages support for the Volunteers of America Colorado's Family Motel. We are honored to be able to help provide emergency temporary housing to people suffering one of the most devastating losses a person can suffer—the loss of their home. As Colorado's own mortgage lender, this issue is one we have a great interest in preventing. So, what did the VoA Hotel in Denver do with our donation? With our support, VoA was able to unveil new renovations that make shelter in the family motel even more like home for the length of any resident stay. EcoMedia is a tremendous company that serves to do a lot of good in many different industries. Learn more about the current initiatives they're supporting on their website as well as their announcement about their work with US Mortgages on their Facebook.

EcoMedia Twitter

We have been looking greatly forward to working with EcoMedia since we learned about the Volunteers of America hotel doing such important work the community. When people are without homes, where do they turn for shelter? In the short term, one such place is the Volunteers of America hotel. At the Volunteers of America hotel, people experiencing homelessness can stay for up to 12 consecutive days. The incredible thing is that this hotel is constantly at full capacity. US Mortgages in its partnership with EcoMedia was able to help provide support for much needed renovations on the hotel structure. We're glad to have been able to be a small help to this important organization through EcoMedia and CBS. Learn more about the current initiatives they're supporting on their website well as their announcement about their work with US Mortgages on the official Twitter account for EcoMedia CBS.

US Mortgages VOA Family Motel Images (ribbon cutting)

Built by the Volunteers of America, the VoA Family Motel is a 40-room facility that works with the Denver Department of Human Services to provide shelter for families in temporary need for up to 12-day periods. There are an additional 10 rooms that may – with a doctor's recommendation – be used by homeless individuals recovering from medical treatment. Through a non-profit networking service known as EcoMedia, we were able to partner with them to renovate their facilities in August of 2017.

We here at US Mortgages are incredibly thankful to the love and support the community has shown us over our past 20 years of business. That's why we love giving back to fantastic organizations like the Volunteers of America Colorado Branch. In 2016, the Family Motel provided shelter, comfort and security to 5,067 people. Thank you to the Volunteers of America for doing what you do, and thank you to EcoMedia for connecting us and making this all possible. For information on how you can volunteer at the Family Motel, click here.