Mortgage & Home Loan Lender Serving Colorado

US Mortgages has been a mortgage broker in Colorado for 20 years. Our business began in a small office suite in a suburb of Denver in 1996. Since then we have funded over $4 billion in home loans! We offer dozens of creative and personalized mortgage products with extremely fast turnaround times—as fast as 2 weeks from application to close in some circumstances! Learn more about the mortgage broker services we offer to Colorado, and how to get started reforming your family's financial future below.

We are one of Colorado's Leading Home Loan Brokers

At US Mortgages, we are primarily known for being a premier home loan broker in Colorado. In addition to conventional fixed rate 15-year loans, 20-year loans, 25-year loans and 30-year loans we also offer ARM loans, government backed fixed rate loans such as the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan, the Veterans Affairs (VA) loan, and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) loan, intended to bolster quality of life and population growth in rural areas. As a VA home loan lender in Colorado, we encourage servicemembers to pursue this excellent loan product: $0 down possible with no private mortgage insurance.

As one of the most trusted VA home loan lenders in Colorado, you can rest assured that US Mortgages will be there to help when unexpected expenses fall on your shoulders. The wide range of home equity loans that we offer that can assist you in regaining your lost financial footing in the event your budget gets thrown off track. For a lump sum of cash in your pocket to help pay for that medical expense, or that car repair, a home equity loan will put money in your hand for any expense. If the paying off long term expenses seems like an arduous task, take the stress off with one of our HELOC loans. Access funds, while only being charged interest on what you use!

Colorado's Refinance Broker

US Mortgages is also known as one of the top refinance broker in Colorado. In addition to refinancing and home loans, US Mortgages offers free credit counseling to anyone seeking to improve their family's financial situation with a loan or refinance. Let us know how to reach out, or give us a call to get your questions about our mortgage services answered today.