the BIG loan is not a big problem with us

Loans up to $1M with 1 appraisal and low rates!

The “Jumbo” loan is any loan over 417k and while most lenders require an in depth, and sometimes 2 underwriters to sign off along with 2 appraisals that just add to costs, US Mortgages only needs 1.

  • NO Discount Points!
  • NO 2nd underwrite!!
  • NO 2nd Appraisal!!!
  • Close in 30 days or less!
  • Instant savings and an expedited loan process make our BIG loan a dream loan for many. This weeks special is a 5/1 ARM (fixed for the first 5 yrs) at a no discount point rate of 3.625% with an APR of 3.382!

Owner-occupied properties with a maximum of 80% Loan to Value and debt ratio of 43%. Fixed rate programs also available.

We have hundreds of other products available to meet almost any unique need. Apply now on our “short form” and a customer service representative will promptly reply to answer any questions you may have.

At US Mortgages, we accept applications for all credit levels good credit to bad but do require full documentation of income. Jumbo loans require very good credit at 700 scores or above and exceptions possible down to 680+